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Can't get a bookkeeper with enough non-profit experience? Can't afford a full time bookkeeper

MEM Bookkeeping can help!

With our extensive experience of non-profit fiscal management, your organization can spend more time growing and less time worrying. We offer reports tailored to your needs which means your never in the dark, and best of all you never have to face the board alone again.

Are your books a mess? Does your organization have someone without experience doing the reporting due to budget constraints?

At MEM Bookkeeping we can help! Our staff has extensive experience reorganizing and cleaning up your accounts. We offer cost reductions through better decisions this way you can work smarter - not harder.

Our Non-Profit Services
Set Up Cost Centers in QuickBooks

We set up classes to allocate your expenses to the proper donor/grant.

Expense Reports for Funders

We make customized reports to show the expenses that are applied to each specific funder.

Spreadsheets to Breakdown Payroll by Cost Center

We create spreadsheets that allocates payroll, payroll taxes, and fringe benefits for each funder.

Preparation for DYCD Audit

We prepare your organization for a DYCD Audit . We make sure you have the correct paperwork and financial statements to present to the auditors. With us, you'll never have to worry about DYCD Audits again.

Financial Statements

We prepare all financial statements that your company needs, including the trial balance, profit & loss, customized reports, and much more.

Preparation of Budgets

We prepare budgets to allocate your expenses based on the amount of funds your organization. We also make individual budgets based on funders

Preparation of Budget Modifications

We adjust budgets according to how much was spent in each expense and how much funds are still left in each expense.

Preparation of Projected Vs. Actual

We prepare budgets that show the amount that was projected to spend for each expense versus what was actually spent.

Customized Spreadsheets

Do you need a customized spreadsheet? You tell us what you want included in the spreadsheet and we'll create it. Whether it's a specific way you want to allocate the income and expenses, or you only want certain expenses or donations, or whatever your needs are, we'll do it.

End of Year Journal Entries

We make end of year journal entries to close out the year.


We send you 1099 forms at the end of the year for all your employees that get paid as a 1099.


We send you W-2 forms at the end of the year for all your employees that are on payroll.